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DefendDark (DD) is a Strategist and a Crypto Currency Investor who focuses primarily on Crypto Currencies & converts raw financial data into simplified charts using Elliott Wave Principles and historical pattern analysis along with many other well-known techniques.

DD's primary focus is on XRP & Gold having many years of experience in Stock Markets and Fx leveraging trades. Additionally, you can find other Technical analyses on this website related to Cryptocurrencies that are considered to have higher potential.​

DD is an experienced Cryptocurrency Investor committed to helping people understand the basics of technical analysis. Throughout the years, DD gained invaluable experience working in a variety of markets.


DefendDark's (DD) Twitter technical analysis on cryptocurrencies was started in October 2020. DD has analyzed many Crypto Currencies such as XRP, BTC, ETH and CKB. The majority of the analysis belongs to the Ripple XRP and is dedicated to the XRPCommunity as well as XRPArmy.

Since then, DD has become one of the most recognized technical analysts for Ripple XRP and other cryptocurrencies. DD is now trying to reach people better with the website of both and

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