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2 Scenarios for $256 XRP

Hi there. Today I would like to share 2 scenarios in detail based on the ABC wave correction which we discussed before. It is crucial to determine whether XRP finished the correction or not.

Now please note the Scenarios as follows. These are my own predictions and not financial advice.

1. Scenario: C Wave - EXPANDED Flat: If XRP can't break $0.85 (it means we are on Wave 4)

Expanded C Wave in the bigger picture in orange colour would be the case if XRP can't break $0.85 in the end. Wave 4 cannot be 50% of the 3rd Wave and that's how we found $0.85 as a limit to determine which wave we are on.

Clear, if XRP can't break $0.85, then Wave 4 is confirmed.

Then, XRP could plunge towards $0.22 and $0.09 as the worst-case scenario which we discussed in February 2022 (Please check from here) and also on 13 July 2022 with the following analysis:

Monthly Time Frame - Expanded Flat Scenario

As you see above, we predicted the 4th Wave (from 28 cents towards 73 cents and still in progress) with a 5 Wave structure in smaller time frames.

Daily Time Frame - 5 Wave Structure

Our 5 Wave structure below can be called Wave 4 (above) in the bigger picture if XRP can't break $0.85!

2. Scenario: C WAVE - Regular Flat

It will be confirmed that ABC Wave is finished if XRP breaks $0.85. Within the 10 years price structure can open the way towards $256.

Regardless we are in 1st or the 2nd Scenario, XRP is targeting $256 on exponential charts

Historical Pattern:

Based on the monthly Wave trend indicator pattern XRP indicator structure is so similar to 2017 and if the same patterns emerge the following structure will be possible where the C wave would target $0.17 and the historical pattern would target $60+ apart from the Elliott Wave Structure which is targeting the $256 discussed above.


XRP is in the critical stage of finalizing the correction. These correction points can be $0.33, $0.22 and $0.09 respectively. This scenario will not apply if XRP closes above $0.85 as explained above. The $1.40 level will be concrete for the initial $13 target.

Regardless of the scenarios above, XRP is targeting $13 and $256 in the mid-long term with the main 3rd Elliott Wave.

As always, Important Note: None of the targets represented on and is financial advice. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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