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Elliott Wave Int.'nal Crypto Webinar!

Our friends at @elliottwaveintl have invited us to an exclusive webinar, “Crypto Trading: Time-Tested Strategies for Volatility,” June 28 at 11am ET. Given the current situation in cryptos, you won’t want to miss this.

Sign up (get the recording too):

Webinar Details:

Given the current situation in the crypto market, Elliott Wave International has decided to host an exclusive, free event for a handful of our partners & their followers in the crypto space. Are you interested in participating?

The event is a live webinar on June 28 at 11 AM Eastern titled, “Crypto Trading: Time-Tested Elliott Wave Strategies for Volatility.”

Two of our crypto experts will give a 1-hour lesson on how to spot Elliott wave setups in cryptos – and how to capitalize on them. Here’s a brief outline of the session:

· Part 1: "Let's get on the same page: Elliott wave basics"

· Part 2: "How to apply waves to crypto trading"

· Part 3: "Where are Bitcoin and the gang headed next?" and "Special guidelines for highly volatile markets"

· Part 4: Q&A -- bring your questions!

Do not miss this opportunity to learn better!

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