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Final Corrective Wave 5 is IN

Hi there all. We were expecting XRP to proceed with the $0.73 target as long as the $0.48 was maintained.

We have seen a huge selling pressure after the $0.48 is broken down and XRP touched the lower Fibonacci levels we mentioned earlier.

First of all, I would like to highlight what we discussed on 15-October-2022

"1. Scenario: C Wave - EXPANDED Flat: If XRP can't break $0.85 (it means we are on Wave 4)

Expanded C Wave in the bigger picture in orange colour would be the case if XRP can't break $0.85 in the end. Wave 4 cannot be 50% of the 3rd Wave and that's how we found $0.85 as a limit to determine which wave we are on.

Clear, if XRP can't break $0.85, then Wave 4 is confirmed.

Then, XRP could plunge towards $0.22 and $0.09 as the worst-case scenario which we discussed in February 2022 (Please check from here) and also on 13 July 2022 with the following analysis:"

Monthly Time Frame - Expanded Flat Scenario (15-Oct-2022)

As you see below we targeted $0.73 for the 4th Wave. However, XRP couldn't break $0.51 3 times in a row and get rejected there.

We predicted the 4th Wave from 28 cents towards 50 cents successfully and expected recently the target to be $0.73 if XRP could defend the 48-cent support where it failed.

2. Current Update in Weekly Time Frame

Let's keep the same structure. Below yellow support indicates the $0.48 Zone where it is broken down yesterday. So current support sits at $0.31221

On 15-Oct we said" XRP is in the critical stage of finalizing the correction. These correction points can be $0.33, $0.22 and $0.09 respectively. This scenario will not apply if XRP closes above $0.85 as explained above. The $1.40 level will be concrete for the initial $13 target."

Long story short, XRP couldn't Break $0.51 and couldn't maintain $0.48 Support. We have touched below Fibonacci Levels. This is the 5th and last corrective Wave we are in, where we were expecting $0.22 a long time back after the $0.73-$1 target.

If we see any close below $0.28, then the 5th Wave will be validated and it is likely XRP could see $0.22 Levels.


Whether XRP ends up $0.22 or $0.09 as a corrective Wave point, in the wider perspective this 5-year corrective Wave structure is going to end.

And again from the wider perspective, the target is expected to be $256 in the mid-long term.

As always, Important Note: None of the targets represented on and is financial advice. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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