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Quant is Waking Up!

Hi all. We precisely predicted QNT to pull back towards $45 levels and QNT was at $75 on 8-May-2022. Please click here to see that analysis. Quant in all time frames completed the correction. We cannot exactly say that it has been completed monthly since there is less data for indicators to produce data for monthly in general.

QNT in Daily Time Frame

We had ABC corrective wave and completed around $40 levels. For almost a week, QNT formed the 1st Elliott Wave for $70. Wave 2 is expected for Quant at the moment around $50.

As we all know, after EW2, we will be at Wave 3 which is the longest one and would bring QNT to $150 and $162 levels with the 5th Wave.

Will $160 be the end game for QNT? Of course not. We will again analyze it with a bigger time frame like weekly and monthly.

As always, Important Note: None of the targets represented here is financial advice. Do your research in due diligence and take responsibility for your actions when buying or selling an instrument.

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