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XRP, Decision Time

My Dears, XRP is following a sideway pattern for 2 weeks which is the messenger of new price action on or before 9-October-22. This action will be visible when we check the 4H analysis. Let's start with the monthly which gives a better idea of where we are.

Monthly Time Frame

As you know the orange support worked at the $0.33 level and XRP reversed back from here towards $0.55. We have 2 coffee cups when we zoomed out. The smaller cup is highlighted in green colour below. XRP is expected to maintain the supports ($0.46 in 4H and $0.33 monthly) to proceed with the upcoming Surge towards $1.966, $3.80 and $13 respectively.

4 Hours Time Frame

It is better also to check the smaller time frames such as 4H. We have recently checked the XRP/BTC performance and identified that XRP is bullish against Bitcoin in all time frames. Along with this, XRP comes to an end in the 4 Hour time frame where another major move can be expected within 2 days.

Our orange support in the 4H frame is still applicable on XRP. You can see the price dips were always in accordance with the RSI dips.

Current supports and resistances are as follows:

Support: $0.46762 - Orange line support point if RSI further touches the white support line. If it is broken, the next support will be at $0.40985 and our Monthly main support at $0.33.

Resistance: $0.50234 - Orange line resistance. Above this level will indicate a further move towards the $1 area.


All the indicators in smaller time frames such as 4H, 8H and 1 Day are bullish in terms of Ichimoku Clouds, Fractals, and Wave trends. As you have seen the first time in the Monthly time frame Fractal indicator turned



It will not be a surprise for XRP to break this side move on or before 9-Oct-22. As we discussed above, smaller time frames are in green signal and the $0.46 level should be the first support for higher targets.

As always, Important Note: None of the targets represented on and is financial advice. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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