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XRP is flipping ETH Dominance

Hi there. Yesterday we have gone through the XRP BTC and discussed how close XRP is to flip over against BTC. And today let's discuss the XRP ETH pair.

XRP is depreciating against the ETH since 2018. 4 years, which is easier said than done. However, this week XRP appreciated against ETH in a strong manner where we can observe the green long Heikin-Ashi bar as below.

Weekly Heikin-Ashi XRP/ETH Chart

As discussed above, Ethereum's dominance over XRP is about to get broken. This indicates that XRP is going to preserve its position much better than ETH in the market.

The blue resistance line is about to get broken and we see the double tap on the support line reflected in orange colour.

Wave Trend Indicator Weekly

Another clear green signal for the XRP/ETH pair is indicated in the white circle above in Wave Trend Oscillator. This reinforces our considerations over XRP's strength over BTC and ETH is going to increase dramatically over the next few weeks.

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