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XRP Update, Weekly Volume!

Hi there all. This week, XRP is about to break the weekly resistance considering the Heikin-Ashi candle type. Let's directly check our chart as below:

As it is clear, XRP is breaking the small resistance around $0.33 once again. XRP breaks $0.33 back and forth, that's why we have the second largest volume around this price. The major volume has shown itself around $0.22. We will be also checking the volume shortly.

Wave Trend Indicator

The weekly trend indicator was at an over-sold area and currently holding the green signal still. This interprets XRP as good to go first for $0.51 - $0.66 levels.

As soon as we see the wave trend indicator above 0 (right side values) we will be sure, that XRP will definitely continue to the targets. Currently, it is at -40 level.

The volume of XRP Weekly

XRP Volume is huge around the $0.22 and $0.33 levels as clearly indicated below. We discussed in February 2022 that the most important and worst-case scenario could be $0.22 based on our expectation when XRP is around $1 levels.

The chart below indicates the mean value is at the $0.20 level.

for Conclusion

XRP has broken one of the important resistance this week and the Wave trend signal turned into green again. Considering the volume of XRP, we discussed $0.33 as one of the major points. The move will be more obvious as long as XRP breaks $0.36 (needs to stay above this level at least 3 days for us to say a level is broken)

Let's wait for the good news in the upcoming days and wait for the Sun to shine again!

Have a great weekend



As always, Important Note: None of the targets represented on and is financial advice. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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