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Stellar XLM will Shine

Hi there. As we previously discussed XLM was having the ABC correction and the recent indicators tell us that the reversal is incoming since we had the double tap on the previous C wave target. Please you can check our previous update by clicking here.

Let's check out the 4 Hours Time Frame

After the Corrective Action of C Wave XLM touched $0.099 where we expected $0.068 which was a successful prediction. Moving from subject level to $0.12 gives us the Elliot Wave 1 form.

We all know the correction takes place after Wave 1. The short-term expectation for XLM is to touch the $0.11 level and then move towards $0.22 levels with the Wave 3 and the Wave 5 structures.

Please also keep in mind that, like XRP, the XLM is also having a downtrend in the monthly indicators such as Wave trend and RSI. Therefore, an analyze should be in place for monthly charts as soon as XLM hits $0.22 with this impulsive wave.


In short term, XLM is expected to pull back to $0.11 levels with Wave 2 and then proceed to $0.22 with the impulsive waves of 3 and 5.

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