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XRP, the Rabbit Hole

Hi all, it has been quite a long time since I haven't had a chance to welcome you here to Although everything around us getting weirder, I feel great every time I reach you.

Today, I would like to share my thoughts on XRP for the main time frames and the XRP/BTC pair with you.

1. XRP Daily (1D) Time Frame

We set a historical pattern in January on the daily time frame, which worked almost identical to the real price action so far. Most of you aware of this one since I have shared the updates several times.

Again, according to this pattern and considering the ascending / descending support and resistance trends respectively, we can expect a break out on 13-March. This could extend itself until 31-March. The key level is $0.3550.

Daily RSI figures indicate the current situation as same as the price chart where the support and resistance are intersecting each other. This is a decision signal shortly.

2. XRP Weekly (1W) Time Frame

Have you seen the bearish hammer this week? XRP forms this type of candles usually. But compared to the stock exchange, this form is tricky in Crypto filed in general especially for XRP.

I recommend to eye the $0.3550 level and until $0.3300 for the support levels. Although the candle for is so strong and bearish, the support line should be our base.

Let's zoom out guys.

We are so close to break the Red Resistance. However, for the Bullish trend, XRP must break this line and stay above the Ichimoku Clouds. We can name this level simply above $1.

Time to check now the Weekly RSI:

Weekly RSI, honestly speaking, extra ordinarily Bullish compared to the daily RSI. This thinks me of a last shake out is still possible towards $0.22 for the people who are trembling at the moment.

XRP made this tide before the Tsunamis.

3. XRP Monthly (1M) Time Frame

Well this is my best part. Most of the people are not financially free and making their plans daily or even hourly. For those who make their plans agile, I directly can tell them to leave this arena. If you are in Crypto, you must be ready for the price fluctuations both up and down.

The monthly Correction for XRP is HUGE. Since 2017, XRP is technically in a correction. A,B, C corrective waves on the monthly time frame is below.

It is obvious XRP will surpass $1 and $2 (Not a Trading Advice) within couple of months. This is my own opinion, considering the Ichimoku Clouds, RSI and Wave Trend Indicators. But will it be it? Of course no, I keep all of my targets up-to 2030.

Therefore, considering Binance data, $3,55 all time high figure our 3rd Grand Wave (GW) touches $256. And considering $3.82 as the real all time high, the 3rd GW can touch $333. (Not a trading advice) These figures can be easily calculated by anyone in any chart, and they are not coincidences.

Wave Trend Indicator, below tells us the green signal is close for XRP in the upcoming months.

4. The Rabbit Hole, XRP/BTC Pair

As you probably recall, this is what we were calling several months back. The rabbit hole goes down and some of the Crypto Currencies will deep dive into this hole in the coming months. We can name this hole regulations.

In the rabbit hole, some of the crypto will shrink, whereas some of them will be extremely bigger. The Economist depicted Alice in Wonderland with the Crypto where ETH, BTC and USD was in the verge of jumping into the hole:

Source Image: The Economist

I changed my mind. This must be my best part. Yes. XRP appreciation against Bitcoin is inevitable before we start following the white rabbit.

Please look at the below XRP/BTC pair in the weekly time frame. A bullish candle kicked in shortly. There are no resistances preventing XRP to literally dominate BTC.

I have tried to show you the main points for XRP today in daily, weekly and monthly time frames along with the Bitcoin pair.

All indicates, the time is coming for XRP although many left XRP many say the XRP Community is in insanity. Whatever they call, I believe at the end, they will try to join us.

I am stronger with your supports, just sending me a heart both here and Twitter would be much appreciated.

I wish you a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.

All the best,



As always, I'd like to point out that none of the targets represented on and is financial advice. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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