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XRP/BTC Update: For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Hi there all. Hope you all are fine. We have checked the XRP/BTC pair a month ago. XRP is depreciating against BTC since 15 May 2017. More than 5 years and XRP is very close on the verge of flipping the Bitcoin.

XRP / BTC Pair in Heikin-Ashi Chart, Weekly

As explained above, for 5 years BTC was appreciating against XRP. XRP, with the below structure, is mirroring the previous break-out structure. 6 attempts Vs 5 attempts at the moment and 6 in play.

What is Going to Happen When XRP Breaks the Blue Resistance?

It is obvious that XRP will have a better condition than Bitcoin in terms of % gain or loss. XRP pair looks like a time-ticking bomb to explode in front of our eyes.

RSI Indicator

Let's have a closer look at the RSI of this pair.

The bells are tolling for the Bitcoin. Repress, repress and repress XRP against BTC. We know exactly what is coming.


XRP is gaining track against BTC, and ETH. We all know that the output of the SEC lawsuit represses the price, however, the technical tools are here. We can identify, that the time is coming for Ripple and XRP. This explosive move is imminent in the end.

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