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XRP said Bye-bye to $0.33

My dears, as we were bullish on XRP for 2 weeks, we received the initial move by breaking out the initial resistance of $0.33333. This is of huge importance.

We checked the 4 Hours time frame within our latest analysis. Currently, 4 Hours indicators say that we might have a side move for a couple of hours above $0.33.

What do Daily Charts say?

XRP has broken out the orange resistance line yesterday. We have now smaller 3 resistances: $0.3661, $0.3871 and $0.4328.

Fibonacci Resistance sits on $0.4656. Confirmation of $0.66 depends on eliminating this level.

We can now say $0.33333 is a support for the next moves and can be re-tested. However, it was an important area for XRP to move forward.

RSI break out is also obvious when we equalize the resistance at $0.33. Daily RSI is above 50% and becoming more bullish as long as it stays above this level.


We will eye the $0.46 resistance to be broken. This will confirm the $0.66.

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