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Quant Ready for $241 & $326

Hi there all.

As you know we have been extraordinarily precise with the Quant predictions since $45.

Let's remember what we have discussed in a detailed manner:

1. Quant ABC Correction

On 8-May-22

We have predicted Quant to continue the correction with C Wave.

QNT was $84 and we set the bottom @$45 below

Let's see what happened after 1 month

On 13-Jun-22, after a month of above expectation, QNT plunged from $84 towards $40.6 (created a wick here) and bounced back exactly above our support @ 45:

2. Quant first Wave and setting 5 Wave Structure

After Quant hit our lowest point, we observed how it is acting. And then:

on 25-Jun-22, after 12 days from the lowest point we set our 5 Wave structure and targeted $147 and $160+ with the below:

3. Current Comparison of what has happened:

Below we can see the blue and the green 5 waves. Blue is the one we discussed and green is what happened:

4. Further Predictions on Quant

On 16-Oct-22 (today) we are extending the first 5 Wave Structure since Elliott Wave theory allows us to do it, based on the indicators we see now.

As you can see below, the initial 3rd wave we set on Jun-22 could extend towards $241 and can target $326 with the 5th Wave.

What do Indicators Say?

In a summary, indicators at the moment have room to support our $241 prediction in the short term.

5. What can happen after this 5 Wave Structure?

Assume that Quant hit $326 and then what? Well, a correction is expected at $241 and $326. We then have the correction and we can discuss the corrective limits.

However, after our targets of $326 are met, and the corrective action is done, the Wave 3 of the grand cycle will target $2,800+ as we have discussed the bigger picture on 27-July-22


Quant currently proceeding still within our initial 5 Wave boundaries. Correction is expected around the $241 and $326 levels (we will discuss where this expected correction after $241 could stop).

Then Quant is expected to be ready to target $2,800+

As always, Important Note: None of the targets represented on and is financial advice. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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