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Will QNT hit a $41.8 Billion Market Cap?

Hi all. As you know we had an excellent Quant prediction for over 3 months. Today, I would like to share my long-term prediction in the monthly time frame where QNT targets $2,860.

Monthly Time Frame Consolidation Zone

I will just share the 1 Month time frame with you where I set my first wave which is clear and the rest of the wave predictions.

Let's dig deep above anayis:

As you can realize we have a clear wave 1 above. We have predicted the A wave and called this wave (ABC) since weekly or daily exactly corresponding to that structure.

However, when we zoom out, this wave looks like A Corrective Wave. So we are most probably in wave B towards $~400.

3rd Wave to $2,860

Well, can we interpret the above structure that we are in Wave 3 instead of Wave B? Well, we can say it might be and must be confirmed as long as Quant breaks the previous all-time high (ATH) and close above $450 levels. Reiterating the fact again, if we see QNT price above $450 then we can say our target of $2,860 is in play.

Critical Levels

One of the most critical levels as we discuss at the moment is $92.7 which we had already identified months back. Above this level, QNT targets the Fibonacci level of 61.8% at $133 rapidly.

What about the Wave Trend

We don't have sufficient data to generate wave trends for Quant yet. So it needs to be more mature. However, the weekly wave trend is still positive for QNT.


QNT is expected to increase whether Wave B or with Wave 3. The difference will be around $400 levels. If we see a reversal around $400 we will confirm we had Wave B. And if QNT starts to stay above the $450 zone, we will welcome Wave 3 targeting $2,860.

So here is the question, Will Quant have a market cap of $41.8 Billion?

P.S. Calculation for $41.8 Billion:

14,612,493 in circulation x $2,860 = $41.8B. Do you think this is realistic?

Thank you!

As always, Important Note: None of the targets represented here is financial advice. Do your research in due diligence and take responsibility for your decisions & actions when buying or selling an instrument.

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