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Quant, Road to $160

Hi all. Just shortly I tweeted about our latest 3 precise analyses about Quant. First I invite you to check them 1 by one since it is important to assess where we are.

1st Analyze On 8 May 2022 (Please you can check here)

Let's check the first tweet we discussed the Quant ABC Corrective action. It was clear that we were in C Wave and were heading to $45 when Quant was $85-$75.

2nd Analyze on 16 June 2022 (Please you can check here)

We have seen the C wave touch our Fibonacci, made a wick below $45 and stopped exactly on this level. We discussed that the ABC corrective wave is over but we need to see a move from Quant.

3rd Analyze on 25 June 2022 (Please you can check here)

Within the 3rd Analyze, we discussed our expected move is in when we hit $60+ and set a smaller structure and expected Wave 2 towards $52. And told, QUANT is waking up with Wave 3 and targeting $160+.

And the 4th Analysis on 14 July 2022

This Analysis is basically the same since the beginning. huge corrective ABC is done. Please check again above structure and see the precise 2nd Wave movement towards $52 as a correction.

And as below structure as we can see the QNT following exactly the same structure as the above ones since 2 Months.

DD, you are telling me this structure was/is precise for 2 Months?

Exactly. Quant precisely followed our paths, all the waves till $96 today.

What's Next DD?

Quant is going to try to stay above $90. If we see daily candle closes above $90 3 days in a row, we can easily expect $147 and then $160 afterwards.

As always, Important Note: None of the targets represented here is financial advice. Do your research in due diligence and take responsibility for your decisions & actions when buying or selling an instrument.

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